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Brawny Bear nutrition is a brand with the vision to revolutionise the health food market. We do not compromise on taste, health, quality of ingredients or process. This is to give our customers the best experience they deserve!

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Hazelnut Cocoa Spread

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Hazelnuts and Chocolate are a long time match made in heaven. We use the highest quality Turkish hazelnuts and Cocoa to give you this nutrient-dense delicious treat. There's no added sugar, rather we use imported dates, they not only add natural sweetness but also add a host of health benefits. Not to brag, but we don’t need to add sugar, or palm oil, or dairy to give you this experience. Sounds too good to be true? But it's real! (like our ingredients) Now you can finally kiss goodbye to all those unhealthy chocolate spreads in the market.

It is stone grinded for 24 hours to achieve a rich and creamy texture.

Ingredients: Sulphur Free Dates, Turkish Hazelnuts, Watermelon seeds, Unsweetened Cocoa powder, Sunflower oil & Himalayan pink salt.

✓ No Added Sugar             ✓ Vegan                                               ✓ No Dairy

✓ No Preservatives            ✓ No Emulsifiers                                ✓ Soy Free 

✓ Gluten-Free                      ✓ No Artificial Sweeteners              ✓ No Chemicals

  • Additional Information

    Who's it for?
    Absolutely everyone!

    When to consume it?
    We recommend you start your day with Brawny Bear. But, anytime is a good time, as a pre workout/ pre activity snack, When you're in the mood for something sweet. Like we said, anytime is a good time! 

    How to consume it?
    ● Spread it on bread, rotis, pancakes, waffles 

    ● Add it to your smoothies/ smoothie bowls

    ● Have a spoonful before a workout for some quick energy

    ● Dig in with your spoon anytime you crave something sweet

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