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We are a health and nutrition company that loves dates and bears.

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Date Sugar

349.00 375.00

Date Sugar

349.00 375.00

The Perfect Replacement for Refined Sugars

PREMIUM DATE SUGAR - A natural and healthy, vegan and paleo sweetener

SINGLE INGREDIENT PRODUCT - Made from Whole, Sun-Dried Ground Dates - Just Dates, No other Additives! Absolutely no added flavours or colours!

HEALTHY SUGAR SUBSTITUTE - Low-Glycemic Index | Jam-packed with more nutrients than Traditional Refined Sugars, Jaggery and Other Sugar Substitutes; Good source of fibre, potassium, vitamins and other minerals

NATURALLY SWEET - Guilt-free sweetener | Fall in love with the taste, the texture, and the versatility of raw date sugar

EXCELLENT FOR BAKING & DESSERTS - Craving sugary snacks? But don't want the added sugar in your desserts? then try our Date Sugar; it adds natural sweetness to baked goods like cookies, cakes, smoothies and the other good stuff. Note: Replace white/ brown sugar 1:1 in recipes and reduce flour by 25%

DIET FRIENDLY - It is an excellent addition to any kind of diet. This sugar alternative is a great 1:1 replacement for jaggery, white refined sugar, brown sugar, and other sweeteners. Highly recommended for health-conscious consumers